First Day of School Sign

Custom First day of School Sign

Custom Back to School Sign

Although some students, teachers and administration have started the school year, those of us in Palm Beach County are busy scrambling to get our kids to school on time for the first day of school.

I remember, as a student (yes, even in college) I loved getting ready for a new year in school. I wasn’t a true fan of clothes shopping, but stick me down an isle full of pencils and notebooks and I am in heaven!

As my sweetums and I have been getting Chloe ready for the school year, I have been spending some time getting ready for her first day of school pictures. Disclaimer: I am a sucker for memories and recording Chloe’s every single milestone.

First Day of 1st Grade Sign

Chloe’s First Day of 1st Grade

For those of you who remember last year’s photo, although quite cute, I was not prepared for Chloe entering first grade.

As we were leaving the house, I forgot I had to send a picture of her to all the moms, grandmas and aunts – upon demand 😉 – and quickly scribbled first grade on a Dr. Seuss’ Thing 1, Thing 2 whiteboard.

However, this year, I am prepared, thanks to Chloe’s creative little mind. She asked me about holding her sign on the first day of school, but wanted something “cooler.” After just 20 minutes of talking, Chloe and I came up with this fun First Day of School Sign.

The sign features an owl, which so happens to be her school mascot. After much debate, I decided to offer the item for purchase online. Within hours, I sold quite a few custom copies of this back to school sign, some of which I adore more than that original design Chloe and I created.

If you want to start this school year off by creating memories, contact Te amo Charlie on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Etsy. For more school printables by Te amo Charlie, visit our shop.





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